Needing to Save Money from current expense

There is a cost to use each of the Copiers, Printers, and Faxes. We recognize these costs and are able to come up with products and programs that could save you up to 30% of your current costs. It wouldn't take long to have us look at your cost.  There are very few cases when we can't save you in one area of your document output costs.  Do you spend more than $10K/ Year on toner and ink?  We can save you money.

End of the Lease- When should you upgrade?

A rule of thumb is 2/3rds the way through your lease you could upgrade at the same or slightly lower cost.  Upgrade your equipment now.  We will pay off the remaining payment stream for you.  Find your current lease agreement and send me the information.  Request a Quote.  Or scan and email the lease to

Struggling with your Service Provider 

As you may know the older your copiers get the more likely they will break down.  It is inevitable service will need to be called out.  You may be noticeably unhappy already, or just not know any better. 
The questions to ask yourself are:  
Does the technician come out multiple times to fix one issue, leave without communicating what was done, or if he is done? 
Does the technician take too long to come out, not show up, or say they will come back another day because they don't have the part? 

Next Level Service Support will be a level above your current service.

The Needs of your company have grown.

More Production means higher capacity to fulfill demand.   As your needs grow you may not be able to predict the future needs of your organization.  Next Level Business Strategies has seen growth, and knows how to make the correct recommendation for your current and future needs.  Growth is a great problem to have.  The growth of your business needs to be addressed in a manner that is responsive, yet responsible.  Let us be your trusted advisor, we can work on the Copiers while you work on growing your business. 

The Needs of the company aren't what they used to be.

You need to do more with less due to layoffs, cutbacks, or even having more work with the same amount of people.  There are ways to work smarter for the same costs.  Next Level Business Strategies can figure out ways for your organization to be more productive.