Scanner Power Tools (SPT)

Mega-tweaks for office geeks

Juice up your scanner or multifunctional device’s feature set with multiple image-processing powers — and then let it loose! (It’ll know exactly what to do.)

Whether your input device of choice is a simple desktop scanner, one of the many new networkable models, or a multifunctional device, Scanner Power Tools may soon become one of the key components in your organization’s quest for Total Office Integration. The core of the Drivve | Image suite, SPT is the command center that links input devices to your network (and the world) and enables you to automate an unlimited number of tasks — all at the touch of a button.

Use this programmable set of tools to optimize scan quality and and create customized scanning workflows in seconds for each type of document. When used together with the other Drivve | Image modules, SPT leverages virtually all of your existing data to make tasks a total no-brainer.

Border Crop

Eliminate any unwanted borders before sharing and storing your scanned documents.


Use the de-skew function to straighten the image of an imperfectly scanned document.

Name your document 

With the intelligent Filename Generation feature, you can get your company info perfectly organized for every future search and retrieval. Define your file-naming convention in advance, including using variables. Tap automated names when filing your scanned docs or manually type in values at the display (or use a combination of both). Use any input field that the user can fill out at the scanner or multifunctional device display as part of the file name (for example, «department-company-document.

Image Cleaning

Get your scans to come out cleaner and more readable than ever by removing blobs and punch-hole marks. Delete undesired lines from any scanned image, such as those that often appear on fax documents.

Create searchable PDF documents

Generate readable and searchable PDF documents, and generate PDF/A output format for the long-term archiving of your electronic documents. PDF encryption ensures that confidential information remains private.

User authentication

Enhance security with intelligent user authentication, which is integrated in MS Active Directory

Blank-page deletion

Speed up and streamline your scanning process (and save money) by eliminating empty pages. Default your scans to duplex mode (two-sided), even for single-sided documents, and blank sides will be deleted from the job.


Bates Stamping

Annotate and paginate documents using predefined variables, generic text and image stamping, and enter or choose a Bates profile at the scanner or multifunctional device control panel. You can stamp any kind of text or image on your scanned document, such as a date, current-user information (requires log in), and even a signature image of the current user that resides in his/her home directory.

Browse to folder

Open your folder tree, including root folder and subdirectories, right at the scanner or multifunctional device display (admin can limit access to secure directory lists).


Use your organization’s existing data as metadata to index incoming documents or to intelligently generate file and folder names. This makes not only quick retrieval but true organization a reality. Mastery of this metadata information defines the difference between entirely unstructured and perfectly structured data, the difference between losing or using your most precious asset.

Print documents

If your scanning device has print capability, use the Browse to Print feature to browse your entire network from the display panel and immediately print out documents in most popular formats. And use the Printback feature to process your scanned documents with whatever SPT functions are needed and print them out simultaneously.

Separate documents

Separate your documents with a blank page or with a 1- or 2- dimensional bar code and you’ll get separate files at the computer

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