My name is Jim Leivas, I am the owner and founder of Next Level Business Strategies Inc
My background is in the sales area working with small and mid sized businesses in Orange and LA Counties. (Forbes 1000)
I have over 20 years experience in the office solutions industry.
Changes in the corporate environment have given opportunity to entrepreneurs like myself to provide consistently high levels of service, without the need for large overhead
Next Level Business Strategies was formed in July of 2013.
After a year of getting service support from local dealers, Next Level became a Sharp Agent and partnered with Sharp's SBS Southern California branch to expand our offerings. Sharp's factory direct technicians, professional services group, and Sharp's management team have been instrumental in helping us support our current clients and bring on new clients.  The partnership has allowed Next Level to utilize the best showroom in Orange County and we feel great about having the resources of this multi-billion dollar organization. I like to say we are as big as you want us to be.
Much of my 20 years has been focused on what impact I can make on my prospects bottom line.  I am always looking to take this to the Next Level, and this is where the name "Next Level Business Strategies" came from.  I have impacted many people and many organizations in a positive manner by saving them both money and time.  At Next Level we are looking into ways to provide the most responsive support, with a level of expertise that isn't found at most companies.
How can we help you?    We can manage your copier and printer fleet now.  With or without our managed print assessment completed,  you can start saving the money now. Impacting the bottom line isn't only saving money.  We are interested in all areas the printers and copiers impact your business.  Let's work together to develop a strategy using a puzzle piece concept to put together our plan.
  • 1. Immediately implement the (BVT) Best Value Toner saving money immediately on printer output... prevent futures calls by doing a no cost cleaning of the current fleet
  • 2. Quantify your existing fleet of copiers and printers, while mapping the fleet on a map
  • 3. Validate cost and volumes with you
  • 4. Put the best existing pieces on the board, split up in 3 piles,1. good condition/great value/mid volume, 2. good condition/good value/low volume, 3. everything else
  • 5. Overlay copier fleet into mix.  Assign costs and volumes
  • 6. Evaluate volumes of the fleet, proximity of the devices, meet key people about workflow
  • 7. Merge new technology to the first 2 piles above maximizing cost per page, volume groups, while improving workflow
  • 8. Present findings/savings/workflow impact... gain agreement or go back to number 6
  • 9. Implement NEXT LEVEL Solution
Jim Leivas
2 Shelton Court
Ladera Ranch, Ca. 92694
I am available to meet you with little advanced notice, and thank you for considering Next Level Business Strategies.
We will do a good job for you!         



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