Product Showroom

4 Hutton Centre, Ste 100, Santa Ana, Ca. 92705

See the showroom that houses all of the device series we will be discussing.  Corporate Trainer is available upon request, but I do a majority of my own demonstrations.  Want us to run one of your jobs, send it to me prior to the demonstration so I can set it up.

Aquos Boards/Sharp Monitors

Go Big… 60/70 or 80 Aquos Board

Interactive touch panel allows for collaboration with an easy to use and easy to see screen

Graphic Printing Specialist-Available upon request

We provide specialist to run your applications and understand your needs, and how we fit your requirements

Professional Services Team-Available upon request

We provide IT Support in integrating printing/scanning onto

networks.  Let us get specific with you about your requirements and your wishlist.

Free Parking

We validate parking so you don’t have to pay.


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