Over the years Sharp Business Systems has been a leader of change in the marketplace. We solicit feedback from our current clients looking for ways to grow and change our support offerings while engaging prospective clients to provide solutions to their everyday business challenges. It is from that spirit of continuous improvement that many progressive areas of our business have flourished, and the result has been an exceptionally high client retention rate and tremendous market share growth.

We understand that clients simply want their office technology to be extremely reliable, provide high quality output and be cost effective. We have been addressing all of these needs with a personalized level of support and great response times for several years. With these objectives in mind we offer two levels of service and support to include a Premier Program and an optional Connect Shield Program.

Both programs include an exceptional level of field engineer expertise and the highest quality customer service experience but offer different characteristics to fit our clients’ needs and budget requirements.

THE PREMIER PROGRAM includes all parts, supplies (excluding paper & staples) and preventive maintenance by factory trained technicians.

THE CONNECT SHIELD PROGRAM includes ongoing on-site IT technical support and helpdesk support for as long as you remain enrolled in the program.


We hope that these options provide you with the flexibility to customize your Sharp Business Systems solution to meet all of your requirements while not settling for a less than exceptional service and support experience.



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