Essential Series

Model Speed Recommended Volume Max Paper Size
MX-2630N 26 Pages Per Minute 2-7K 12 x 18
MX-3050V 30 Pages Per Minute 4-9K 12 x 18
MX-3550V 35 Pages Per Minute 7-12K 12 x 18
MX-4050V 40 Pages Per Minute 8-14K 12 x 18
MX-5050V 50 Pages Per Minute 10-18K 12 x 18
MX-6050V 60 Pages Per Minute 15-25K 12 x 18


Value-based document systems with basic features for workgroups and departmental environments offering expandability for growing businesses. For a good value choose the Sharp MX-2630N, MX-3050, MX-3550, MX-4050, MX-5050, or MX-6050