Manage Print & Copy Costs

What is the cost for printing and copying documents in the office?  It may be difficult to identify since employees use these services freely throughout your office every day.  A Sharp OSA-enabled Accounting Application can help, offering a centralized solution to:

  • Manage access to Sharp MFPs and Printers, control which features are available and enforce limits for each user
  • Track print and copy jobs across your Sharp Fleet. Identify total usage and cost with the option to assign and bill-back these costs by Department and User across your organization.

Help Ensure Record Keeping for Regulatory Compliance.

In today’s world an ad hoc approach to business records can have legal consequences and cost your business money.  For example, the Sarbanes Oxley Act and HIPPA Regulations mandate legal requirements for record retention and privacy.  A Sharp OSA-enabled document management application offers electronic archiving of hardcopy document scans to help you to meet strict requirements for document retention, retrieval and security.  Paper documents can be scanned, indexed and filed to your document management system right from a Sharp OSA-enabled MFP.

Improve Office Productivity by Automating paper-based processes.

Paper bills, invoices, expense reports and purchase orders are processed by nearly every business.  Typically these items are hand-carried from desk to desk to be approved and filed. A Sharp OSA-enabled workflow application can help remedy this paper shuffling, letting you automatically route scans of hardcopy documents electronically for approval and distribution.  Paper document can be scanned into your workflow right from a Sharp OSA-enabled MFP.  Approvers review documents, sign-offs from their desktop and the paperwork can be automatically filed.

Better Utilize Assets and reduce operating costs.

Do your operations still depend on stand-alone fax machines to conduct business?  Who maintains and tracks these assets and what happens when they need repair?  Now there’s a way to replace fax machines.  Simply scan documents at the MFP to a Sharp OSA-enabled fax server application that automatically distributes faxes to one or many locations.  You’ll have a solution that can be centrally managed and maintained offering better service for employees and customers.


Sharp OSA® Technology: The Brains Behind the Operation. 

The Sharp OSA platform is Sharp innovation at its best—enabling the customization of Sharp MFPs to your business rules, access to integrated applications from a single product, and the flexibility to generate multiple solutions.

With Sharp OSA technology, you'll:

  • Customize and take control of your workflow by integrating your MFP and your network applications.
  • Streamline development for fast deployment of solutions.
  • Minimize IT's time investment in installation and maintenance by centralizing applications.
  • Maximize your investment by bringing together your IT assets and hardware.