David Moriguchi

Director of IT/Operations
"From Ditech to CashCall...
Jim has Provided us Office Solutions for about 15 years.
While I personally have worked with Jim 6 years, I recognize his knowledge or our industry, and his product being superb.
Next Level Business Strategies adds an extra layer of support and structure to the service Jim provides.
Jim and Next Level have been very supportive to our ever-changing businesses, (CashCall Inc. having multiple business lines).
With these changes Next Level has worked side by side with us to keep things efficient and to right size.
For these reasons I highly recommend Next Level Business Strategies and Jim Leivas."


Roy Dilig
Director of IT
Bal Seal Engineering
"Jim and Next Level have been able to help bring a higher level of copier service support than what we were getting directly from the manufacture.  Next Level has been flexible, Urgent when needed, and easy to work with.  I recommend them."


Debbie Gemeinhardt
Director of Operations
Optimum Property Management
I highly recommend Next Level Business Strategies and Sharp based on a positive experience Optimum is having with our Copy and Print Fleet.
I was very concerned when the discussion came up to replace the brand we had for over 10 years.  In replacing the equipment, I leaned on the 2 Jims (Jim Leivas-Next Level, and Jim George-Sharp) to make the transition smooth, and they did an amazing job.
The new equipment is intuitive and very user friendly.  The software, PaperCut and Drivve, needed only minimal training.
Overall, we are very happy with the new equipment and the Staff is happy with no complaint about changing out the equipment.  With a staff of 40+ people, that isn't easy.
Last but not least, this may sound weird but the equipment is pretty.