Lower Total Cost of Ownership(Save Money)
Next Level Fleet Management Program averages 20-30% Monthly Savings with no upfront expense. 
Lower Contracted cost per page allows for limited financial exposure on output costs.
Increase Productivity(Save Time) (Put a Smile on your Face)
More areas to cue both copy and scanned jobs. 
Fleet Optimization will increase productivity and boost moral. Many times the unmeasured results are just as important as the measured ones. More productive printers mixed into the areas that are doing the most volumes. Net new software adds to the capability of the products allowing for streamlining of workflow.
Decrease Downtime(Save Time) (Decrease Headaches)
Newer technology and a great service team will allow your organization to experience a decrease in downtime. Many times it is the fit of the product that is the problem and this is addressed in our study. Other times it is the service organizations service philosophy increasing the number of times the machine goes down before being addressed appropriately with parts.
Less Internal Support Necessary(Save Money)(Save Time) (Decrease Headaches)
Next Levels Auto Toner Replenishment program can be extended to work on all devices.
No need to manage and inventory multiple cartridges.
  More Manageable Contracts-Regulate Monthly Invoices(Save Money)(Save Time)(Put a Smile on your Face) (Decrease Headaches)
Pay one fee monthly and standardize your bill. 
Quarterly Overages, and meters will regulate your costs. 
Quarterly reviews of inventory, volumes, and costs
Auto Upgrades(Save Money)(Save Time) (Put a Smile on your Face)
Plan on updating part of your fleet annually with no additional cost.
Many times we are able to go in a Phased Approach, allowing for minimal interruption, and maximizing the life of the current products.  Planned Phases might be every 6 months, year, or even a volume band.