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The print output developed by color copiers is impacted by the media it is printed out on.  Toner based copiers use a heat process to lay the toner down onto the paper.  The print stands out better on brighter paper.  In addition, a lot of marketing people prefer to use thicker or glossy stock. 

The Color Copier Paper-Best Case will give you the ability to figure out what you like best. Try these out and let us know which ones you want to continue to order.

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Experts Choice-One Ream of each paper below.

Mohawk  32 lb Gloss Letter 94 Bright
Mohawk 100 lb Gloss Cover Letter 94 Bright
Hammermill 60 lb Cover Letter  
Hammermill 28 lb Bond Letter 100 Bright
Mohawk 40 lb Copier Gloss Ledger  94 Bright
Hammermill 60 lb Cover Ledger
Hammermill 28 lb Bond Ledger 100 Bright